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Please remember that New Hire reports must be made within seven days from the date of hire.
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Employers will not receive Income Withholding notices or Employment Verification requests for Non-IV-D cases.
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(03/18/2014) Internet Browser Options

The New Hire site now allows the following internet browsers:  Internet Explorer (8, 9 and 10), Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome and more.


(08/26/2013) OCSE e-IWO Participation

Income Withholding is a critical part of the child support program. In an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of income withholding, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement implemented the electronic exchange of income withholding orders (IWO), "e-IWO". With e-IWO states send, and employers receive income withholding orders electronically. In addition, an electronic acknowledgement process enables employers to notify states, tribes or territories about the status of an existing income withholding order.

The electronic transmission of IWOs will increase processing efficiency and improve the speed with which payments are made to families by:

Reducing the time from IWO preparation to employer processing

Reducing errors that can occur through manual processing

Reducing cost of postage and processing paper documents

Providing an on-going communications link between child support agencies and employers should additional actions be necessary



(05/17/2013) Maine Legislative Changes

Maine Legislature recently passed a budget which includes activation of a statute that has been in the law for many years under Title 19A, 2103 section 3.

Effect July 1, 2012, for every employee that has a wage withholding order for child support, you must deduct an additional $2 fee each time you deduct child support in order to comply with this requirement. The fee must be forwarded to the Department along with the child support withheld. The fee must be withheld until released by an authorized agent of the Commissioner of Human Services.

Fees and costs.  The department shall charge a fee of $2 per week to all obligors whose child support payments are made to the department to reduce the department''''''''''''''''s costs in providing support enforcement services. The department may collect fees owed by the obligor by using any remedies available for collection of child support. The department shall retain all fees and apply them toward Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or the child support enforcement programs. The department shall apply amounts collected toward fees only after the amount owed to the family for the current period is paid. The department shall collect the fee from obligors whose child support is paid to the department under an income withholding order by notifying the payor of income to the obligor to increase withholding by $2 per week. The department or any other person is not required to issue a new or amended withholding order to collect the fee, but shall notify the obligor in advance of the increase in withholding.