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Please remember that New Hire reports must be made within seven days from the date of hire.
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Employers will not receive Income Withholding notices or Employment Verification requests for Non-IV-D cases.
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Accessibility Information

Act 1227 of 1999 required the Maine Department of Information Systems to develop Non-visual Standards for Maine that ensures the needs of Maine who are blind or visually impaired are met through reasonable accommodation in the information technology products and services of the state. Information technology products and services include data, voice, and video technologies, as well as information dissemination methods such as the Internet.

In essence, this means that Maine Government or state funded entities must have websites that are equally accessible to blind or visually impaired visitors. For instance, websites must provided text equivalents for all non-text elements such as images, animation, audio and video. We will make every effort to comply with these new guidelines on the State of Maine website.

For more information about IT policies and standards in Maine, link to the State of Maine Strategic Information Technology Plan. For the specific information regarding web development and accessibility issues, link to W3C Web Content Guidelines or the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST).

Access Keys

The below table lists the access keys that can be used as Keyboard Shortcuts throughout the portal to access specific pages.

On the keyboard use the corresponding combination to bring focus on the respective link. Hit enter to go to the corresponding page. If the access key is assigned to a button, using the access key will directly activate the button.

Table of Access Keys
Key Description
Alt + 0 Accessibility Statement
Alt + 1 Home Page
Alt + 2 Skip to Main Content (the Navigation Bar Skip Link)
Alt + 3 Table of Contents
Alt + 4 Federal Child Support Website
Alt + 5 FAQs
Alt + 6 News
Alt + 7 Sent Email(s)
Alt + 8 Privacy Policy
Alt + 9 Feedback
Alt + A Site Map
Alt + B Back
Alt + C Continue
Alt + I Check for Availability
Alt + E Employer Resources
Alt + F Assign Staff
Alt + G Glossary
Alt + H Help
Alt + J View Previous Payments
Alt + L Login and Logout
Alt + M My Home
Alt + N Add Employee
Alt + O Forms/Notices
Alt + P Print
Alt + Q Hide and Show Links
Alt + R Clear
Alt + S Submit, Search, Save, Upload, View, Send, Accept Notice, Show Format, Add, Submit Payment, Proceed Secure Checkout and Register for Free Account
Alt + T Register
Alt + U File Upload
Alt + V Verify Employment
Alt + W Manage Income Withholding
Alt + X Maintain Company Information, Update Company Information
Alt + Y Security
Alt + Z Maintain Employee Information and Edit Employee Information
Alt + - Delete
Alt + = Browser Support
Alt + Shift + < Previous
Alt + Shift + > Next
Alt + Shift + 0 Click Here to Find Activities Awaiting Response from you
Alt + Shift + 1 Click to Upload Logo
Alt + Shift + 2 Non IV-D
Alt + Shift + 3 Site Tour
Alt + Shift + 4 How to Setup EFT
Alt + Shift + 6 Cancel
Alt + Shift + 7 Pending Staff Details
Alt + Shift + R Manage New Hire
Alt + Shift + 8 New Hire Reporting
Alt + Shift + 9 Stop or Resume Paper Form/Notices
Alt + Shift + - Additional Information Required
Alt + Shift + = Update
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