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Please remember that New Hire reports must be made within seven days from the date of hire.
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Employers will not receive Income Withholding notices or Employment Verification requests for Non-IV-D cases.
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Federal law requires each state to operate a centralized collection and disbursement unit for the convenience of employers who are withholding child support payments for their employees. The Maine Child Support Clearinghouse, located in Augusta, will process payments you withhold for all Maine child support orders. Other states may ask you to send their payments directly to their centralized payment processing unit.

Employer’s Guide to Child Support

For helpful information about employer responsibilities with regard to income withholding, new hire reporting, withholding for medical support and other related issues, read the "Employer’s Guide to Child Support . This is a free publication from the Office of Child Support Enforcement and is available in either a hard copy or in an Acrobat PDF version.

Employer’s Guide to Child Support (Opens in a new window)

New Case Information (Opens in a new window)

Employer New Hire Reporting

Maine Code 19-A MRSA §2154 requires employers to report new hire information to the Maine Employment Security Department. State agencies will use this information to discover and stop unemployment insurance fraud, worker's compensation fraud and other types of public assistance fraud. The State will also use new hire reports to locate noncustodial parents who owe child support in Maine. The New Hire Reporting program is a confidential and secure program that receives and processes data regarding new employees.

Employers are the critical link both in locating noncustodial parents and in withholding income from their paychecks. No other child support collection method is as successful as income withholding. Not only does this law help the children, it also helps taxpayers. By promptly reporting new hires, employers help taxpayers save millions of dollars because families that receive child support are less likely to require public assistance. More importantly, employers help children get the support they deserve.

All Maine employers (private, nonprofit and government agencies) must report all employees who live or work in Maine. Out of state employers who hire employees who work in Maine must also report. Multi-state employers must report newly hired employees to the State in which they are working or they may select one State to which they report all new hires. The employer must report any employee who fills out a W-4 form whether full-time, part-time or student worker. This information must be reported within 7 days of hiring an employee.

The employee information that must be reported:
  • Employee's name

  • Employee's address

  • Employee's Social Security Number

  • Employee's Date of Birth

  • Employee's Date of Hire

  • Employer's name

  • Employer's address

  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number
Reports must be sent to:

Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery
New Hire Reporting Program
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0011

New Hire Reporting Form (Opens in a new window)

New Hire Reporting (Opens in a new window)

National Medical Support Notice

National Medical Support Notice (Opens in a new window)

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  12. NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association - Task Force on Electronic Child Support Payments