Production System

Maine Department of Education

School Food Service Reports

Reimbursement Reports (SFSR)

30, 60, 90 Day Report
ED280 - LEAs That Have Not Filed Claims
ED283 - School Lunch Enrollments
ED287 - School Lunch Monthly Report
ED288 - School Breakfast, Lunch, Milk Data
ED289A - School Food Service Monthly Report
ED293A - School Lunch Monthly Reimbursements - Earned Amounts
ED293T - School Lunch Monthly Reimbursements - Processed Amounts
ED299 - Per Meal Costs
ED299B - Lunch Per Meal Costs - Statewide Averages by FY
ED299B - Breakfast Per Meal Costs - Statewide Averages by FY
ED534 - School Lunch Free and Reduced Percentages
EDBAL2HIGH - Balance Too High Report
FFVP by School Year
Particiaption Report - Breakfast
Particiaption Report - Lunch
State Match Fund Pay Down
Yearly Costs Report
Year End Report NOTE: This report loads very slowly. Please be patient.
Food Distribution (SFS-FD)
Agency Report
Annual Survey Report
USDA Food Inventory Report
Distribution of USDA Food by Program
Distribution of USDA Food by Program - Summary
Distribution Report
Master File Report
Monthly Report by USDA Food/DO#
NOI Agency/LEA Report
NOI Allocation Report
NOI Distribution Report
NOI Listing
NOI Remaining USDA Food
Preordered USDA Food by Program
Preordered USDA Food by Agency
Preordered USDA Food Totals
Receipt and Distribution of USDA Food
State Totals Report
Summer Food (SFS-SF)
Advances List
Claims Not Filed Report
Monthly Meal Totals - By Type of Site
Monthly Meal Totals - By Type of Sponsor
Site Status Report
Sponsor Information Report
Sponsor Information by County Report
Monthly Reimbursement Report
Total Meals For Summer Sponsors With ADA
Glossary of Terms Used on the Electronic Forms and Reports

System Component Descriptions and Instructions

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