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Please remember that New Hire reports must be made within seven days from the date of hire.
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Maine Division of
Support Enforcement
& Recovery

State House Station 11, Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Central Office Phone: (207) 624-4100
New Hire Fax:
(207) 287-6882 (or)

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Frequently asked questions
What is considered to be the "date of hire"?
The date of hire is the first day in which that person performs services for pay - i.e., the first day of work. This is also the date the employer recognizes as the first day for income tax withholding.
Can commissions be garnished through income withholding for child support?
Yes, payments of commissions are considered income and if made periodically, can be garnished by income withholding. For example, a realtor or a salesperson.
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