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Individual Income Tax Form 1040ME Internet Filing
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I-file makes filing your individual income tax return easy and convenient. It performs calculations for you and eliminates the use of paper forms.

Help is available for some tax items by pressing the [Help Icon] icon.

Generally, you may use I-file, if you:


Some lines require you to complete a worksheet. For an entry on these lines, click the appropriate worksheet button.

Once you enter data, I-file will compute all calculations for you, including your total tax amount and your refund or remaining tax balance due. The I-file tax calculation is based on the tax rate schedules provided under Maine law. Therefore, the I-file calculation may vary slightly from the amount in the tax tables provided in the Form 1040ME tax booklets. tax calculation help

The information you enter on each page will be saved after clicking the [Submit] button or the [Continue] button at the end of each page. If you do not click the [Submit] button or the [Continue] button, the data will not be saved.

While entering information, please follow these formatting requirements:

If you have any problems or questions, please call us at (207)626-8475, weekdays, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, except holidays.

Do not use your browser controls while in this application. Doing so will cause unexpected results, and/or loss of data. You may use the browser "Print" button to print any screen.

Important: Except for certain people claiming the property tax fairness credit and/or the sales tax fairness credit, you must complete your federal tax return to complete your Maine tax return! For federal tax information and returns, including electronic filing options, go to Property Tax Fairness Credit

Instructions for filing 2018 Maine income tax forms and worksheets are available at Maine State Income Tax .

You are now ready to begin. Please read the instruction at the top of each page carefully to avoid any problems.

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